2 heads are better than one!

So goes the old saying, however we believe 10 or 20 heads is even better. Instead of offering to put a single graphic designer onto a project designing your logo, we work with a large number of independent graphic designers. Each will be given the opportunity to put their ideas forward. You then get to select which one you wish to take to a final logo design.
The benefit of this process is that you will get a range of logo options coming from a number of different angles which may not have been considered by a single designer.

How it works?

initial vision

 We will work with you to set out your initial vision for your logo.  This will include prefered colour scheme and any specific items you wish to see included.

multiple designers

Your initial vision will be put to a range of professional graphic designers who will create samples based on this requirement. 


 Upon selecting your prefered option, we will work with the designer to make any revisions you want on the logo until you are completely satisfied.

One simple package containing all you need

£ 399
  • 1 full colour custom business logo.

    1 monochrome business logo for stationary.
  • All source files including high resolution vector images. Critical for ensuring the logo can be amended or scaled for other uses in the future.
  • Branding documentation listing the exact colour, fonts and other related items within the logo. Ideal for creating other products with the same branding.